Monday, April 27, 2009

A very "HAIRY" Ordeal

Anyone who knows me well at all, knows that I love to fix hair. I have a TON of hair so I have always naturally assumed that if I had a daughter then she would have a ton of hair too. I have always imagined putting many many bows, ribbons, braids, pigtails, and all sorts of things into my little girl's hair. Well, not so much. Caroline has been a little hair challenged her entire 18 months of life. Finally, I could not take it anymore and put that poor baby mullet into pigtails. I know that these are ugly and I would never take her out in public with them in until her hair grows some more, but I had to share.

HAHA! So after the pigtail miracle, I took her hair back down and she was playing in the bathroom with me while I was getting ready and putting on make-up for a party. My child has an obsession with brushing her teeth and I occasionally let her really have a blast and use my electric toothbrush. I turned it on for her and went back to getting ready. The next thing I knew she was screaming and had the electric toothbrush caught in her hair! I guess she decided that she could multi-task and use it to brush her teeth and her hair. Anyways, I panicked and jerked on it and a HUGE clump of her hair came out. She know has a shiny bald spot right in the crown of her head! Poor baby...Mommy promises to leave your hair alone until it gets a little longer.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter 2009!

Easter was awesome in the Coulter family. The Easter Bunny visited Caroline and left her a basket full of goodies. (See below)
The bunny came!!
I am so pumped!
Caroline got a bunny that sang and danced to "Peter Cottontail"
Some lovely blue Dollar General crocs that she adores and calls her "coot shoooes"
A bunny cup and some other goodies.
We made it to early church almost on time and Caroline actually stayed in the nursery and did not cry too much! We sang all of the old traditional hymns that really make me thankful for what Easter is all about. After that we headed to Mammy and Papa's for lunch with all of my side of the family (about 45 people!). The kids hunted eggs until Mammy told us there was one egg with $100 in it and all of the children were pushed to the side by the adults trying to find it! Congrats to John Pylant this year, but watch out for the Coulter's next Easter!!
Caroline and Granny getting hydrated for the big hunt!
Caroline was perfectly content to just find one egg and eat the candy inside then hunt for more.

We have a tradition in my family to hit the hard boiled eggs with a baseball bat after we find them. They explode all over our nice Easter clothes but that is part of the fun. Everyone has to hit one, from the oldest to the youngest, and Caroline got in on the action this year.
Hit it on our very first try!
Opening her basket from Mammy and Papa.

After naps,we went to the Coulter's for an Easter dinner cookout. Caroline and Hannah hunted eggs and Caroline got her easter basket. We ate and had a great time. We even had a photo op in Me Me and Pappy's gorgeous back yard.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Palm Sunday and the Easter Bunny

I figured I better hurry up and get this post up since it is the night before Easter and and I have not done it yet. Last Sunday was Palm Sunday at our church. Caroline was so adorable, I held her on our way down the aisle but she waived that palm branch and smiled and waived at her family. If you know our family, you know that she had plenty of support in the congregation! The following pictures are pre-church. I kept asking her where we were going and she would say, "chutch" (church) and I would ask her how she looked and she would say "pippee" (pretty).

After the service, we went to church luncheon and egg hunt. Mammy was sweet to come with us since Dan was out of town.

Later that afternoon we went to a friend's second birthday party and met the......EASTER BUNNY! Caroline, you were very timid at first and clung to me, but you always had the have the bunny in your sight. You eventually warmed up and would give the Easter Bunny high fives, but never a hug. It was and Virginia kept running up and giving the bunny a high five and laughing and running away as fast as you could. You did that at least fifty times!