Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Catching Up...........

Since I am so behind in blogging, I am going to catch up on the last two weeks in one post. On a bad note, Caroline was really sick last week. She had a high, unexplained fever and a very elevated blood count so we were in the doctor's office for four consecutive days for blood work and other tests. Poor baby, she was so miserable. The doc even mentioned putting her in the hospital, but, thankfully, she rallied and is now better. I have never known such a feeling of helplessness before. It is hard, hard to be a mommy with a sick baby and I am so thankful that she is normally very healthy. We had to spend a lot of time indoors so we were very very thankful for all of her new birthday toys. Some of these include her dolly stroller that she pushes around the house constantly (which means that I am constantly turning her around every time she bumps into something. Some nights Dan and I just sit at opposite ends of the room and she goes back and forth and back and forth) and her new slide which she can climb and go down all by herself. She LOVES this thing! Some pictures:Now that she is feeling better we have finally been able to get outside a little more which is good for both of our mental health! Even though it is cold, we just bundle up and go. The picture below is from a cold weather stroller ride. Please note that Bibby was crying because she did NOT want to wear the headband but her mean ole Aunt Mo-Mo made her.
Every once in awhile we get a decent afternoon and Caroline loves to sit outside and play with Lily.On one such afternoon recently, we stopped by Granny's and did a little photo shoot on her back deck. I did not realize that the swing she was on would be so "dizzying" on film. The results:

We have also been practicing our basketball skills whenever we get a chance and I even stole back the uniform I gave Bibby when she was a baby! (I am not being serious about the practicing, but we are a basketball family and hope that it is something that she enjoys someday) She looks like a natural in the uniform. Please notice her "guns" in the first picture.

Finally, I had to add some pictures from last Saturday night because they are too cute. We had some friends over for pizza and the big kids played Hide and Seek. They were hilarious and I can't believe that soon Caroline will be getting in on the action. She is already following them around everywhere they go. Won't be long now!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One Year Stats

We went to see Dr Parmer last Wednesday for Caroline's one year check-up. I have been dreading it for forever for good reason.....she got her finger pricked and 5 shots! Poor baby. She ran a fever that night but is fine now. Caroline measured 32 and 1/2 inches tall (95%) and she weighed 22 pounds 4 ounces (70%).

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today is your first birthday! I can barely believe it, you are supposed to be my little baby. This first year of your life has been the most special of my own. You bring so much joy to Dan and I and I really cannot remember life without you. You are a very special little girl and we love you so much. Happy birthday baby!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

CaRoLiNe'S cUpCaKe PaRtY!!

We celebrated your first birthday a few days early yesterday with a party at Mammy and Pappa's house. We had so much fun and it was obvious that you are SO loved by all of the family and friends that came. We decided to do a play on "sweet caroline" and do a cupcake theme. When all of your friends first came, we played outside for awhile and then everyone came inside and decorated a cupcake, even the babies! We also had a cake, ice cream, and a pinata. You were a little unsure of all of the attention and people that were surrounding you, so you did cry a little, but you cheered right on up and had fun with all of your friends. These were all of the people that were there: Mommy and Daddy, Your great-grandparents: Maggie, Mymamma and Pop, Granny and Grandaddy; Your grandparents: Mammy and Papa, MeMe and Pappy; your Aunts and UNcles: Ginny, John, Kate, Dave, Vic, Angie, and your honorary Aunt Taylor, Your first cousins: Mary Bibb, Virginia, and Hannah; your other cousins: Luke, Mary Frances, and Katie, Great Aunt Carol and all your friends (plus their parents) Lillianna and Ellenie Parsons, Sam and Anna Kate Stephenson, Maggie Garnett, Sydney Lewis, Emma Hensley McMasters, Wade Heidecker, Sarah Laine Kuhlman, and Abby Collins. You are such a sweet and blessed little girl to have such great family and friends. I love you so much!
The Set-UpYour Cake
The Birthday Girl! ...loving the slideCaroline with her 3 great-grandmothers.The Three Muskateers!Aunt Tay Tay is sooooo funny!Abby and Sam cruising around the backyard.
Caroline and cousin Hannah.The Birthday girl and Anna Kate.Cupcake time!
Lillianna and her masterpiece!Emma Hensley, Sam and Sarah Laine are working hard.Bibby helped Caroline blow out her candles.
Caroline poking at her "smash" cake. She did not get into it as much as I thought she would. She kept poking it with one finger and giggling.Then, I gave Virginia some of Caroline's smash cake and she did get into it!!

Maggie and Sydney, looking too cute in their matching outfits, decided that they liked Dan's lap.Pinata Fun......Opening presents.