Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Fun and Festivities!

Whew! We have had whirlwind month of October filled with lots of fun. We recently went to a Halloween block party with a bunch of our friends. It was so cute to see all of the kids dressed up and, of course, Caroline had to be the Cat in the Hat (this is what Dan was dressed as the night that we met). She had a lot of fun but she did not like being in the group picture too much...

Caroline and Snow White Virginia.
The Cat in the Hat, Snow White, and Wallace the monkey (please notice Caroline's face, she was mad that Wallace was pulling on her hat!)Caroline and Emma Hensley
Caroline's great-grandmother made her costume..she is so talented!
A close-up of Caroline and Maggie during the group picture..she was a little overwhelmedThe original cat and the new cat.Me and my angel!

We also spent time this month at Tate Farm's Cotton Pickin Pumpkin patch with Mammy and Caroline's cousins, Mary Frances and Katie. It was really cold but all of the kids seemed to really enjoy it. Caroline especially loved crawling around in the corn crib. I definitely had a sad/somewhat scary couple of minutes when I sat Caroline in a corn car that was part of a kiddie train pulled by a tractor. I just wanted to put her in it to take her picture because all it had was a lap belt and she is still a BABY but the man insisted that he drive her in a small little circle just to see if she liked it. Well, he drove her in the circle and then he took off with her! It was so surreal to see her be driven away and be all by herself in that little car. When the driver finally came back around Mom and I knew she would be crying but she was waving her arms and laughing! He drove her around and around and she loved it! I was sad that my baby can do something like that but kind of excited for her at the same time.Caroline and her cousins.With Mammy in the cotton jump.Loving the corn crib! AND.......DUm DUm DUM.....The Train Ride!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Everyday Occurences....

One of my favorite times of everyday is right before bedtime when just the three of us play and hang out together.

Bouncy House in the House!

I asked my uncle if he had a small moon bounce that I could borrow for Caroline's first birthday party in November. He did and actually said that we could just have it. I was excited and figured it would be something we could pull out and use anytime because I remembered it being tiny. Well, not so much! We decided to test it out in our living room and it was much bigger that I had recalled. I called my official testers over now it is all ready for Caroline's big day.

The Not So Small Bouncy House...

Super Tester #1 Mary Bibb

Tester Twin #2 Lillianna
Tiny Tester EllenieSo cool!Caroline sat back and supervised.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Countdown Has Begun....

Wow! Caroline is officially 11 months old now. It is so hard to believe that we will be celebrating her first birthday in less than a month. Where did my little baby go??? I cannot believe how much she has changed and is changing every day. Her personality is coming out big time and I have to say that she definitely has a lot of her Daddy in her! She is such a ham, very mischevious and silly. She loves, loves to eat and is cruising on the furniture. She is also starting to try to talk some and can clearly say "book, ball, ma ma, dada, pop, bye bye, and dat (that). She is still the queen of pointing and is very bossy and determined with that tiny finger. Just a few cute pics...