Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Chuck Cheese"

We went to "Chuck Cheese" (as Caroline says it) a couple of weeks ago with MeMe and Pappy. Caroline LOVED it, especially putting the tokens in the slot and pulling the tickets off when they came out. She really got into that more then she got into playing the games. EXCEPT, for ski ball!!! A couple of pics:
Caroline and Daddy strategizing:Lining up the perfect toss:
Going for it!
Forget it Dad, this works so much better!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to the Beach!

Last week we headed back to Orange Beach. This time it was Caroline and I, Mammy, Ginny and the girls, and my Aunt Carol and her son Luke. The trip had very few hairy moments (though it did have some!) and we really had a great time. A few highlights include:

Playing at the beach in the sand and in the ocean. Caroline really got into going into the ocean for the first time this trip. She was fearless and loved trying to jump the waves.Getting pedicures on the balcony. Thanks Mammy!

Going out to eat and trying seafood for the first time for Caroline. (She loved it.) This also includes doing our best walrus impression while waiting for our food to arrive.
Trying to go to the Track to ride rides after 8 pm one night. (This was the most "hairy" time of the entire trip!) Mom spent $70 on tickets and the three girls all had to be pulled off the first ride screaming...it was a chain reaction: first Virginia, then Caroline, then Bibby. We finally forced everyone onto the carousel just to say that we had ridden something. Please notice the facial expressions....not our best night!
Looking at the boats, dancing to the band, and riding the giant ferris wheel at Baytowne.
And most off all just getting to spend time together....