Friday, June 11, 2010

Beginning of Summer

I have been the most terrible blogger lately and I hate squeezing the first third of the summer into one post but, oh well here it goes. We paid a visit to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens for their tree house exhibit in May. We met friends there and explored the whole place.

We also went to Gulf Shores for one more good visit before the oil hit with Mammy, Granny, Birdie, Ginny and the girls and basically took no pictures... We had a great time and Mammy treated us to our first trip to Build-a-Bear where Caroline picked out "Panda" and decked her out in a Bama cheerleading outfit, tennis shoes, pom poms, megaphone, and cell phone. Dan, Caroline and I also spent a week in Destin with the Coulter's. It was heavenly, the grandparents were on baby sitting duty and I got play time with Caroline and relaxation time by myself.
(While there, Caroline ate shrimp for the first time of the summer and liked it!!)

During the Destin trip, we spent a suprisingly really fun day at Big Kahuna's water park.

And finally we had a great Memorial Day weekend hanging out at home and at Point Mallard!