Sunday, January 30, 2011

Before church on a beautiful morning,,,

Cousin Bath Time!

The Great Snow Storm of 2011

We had the biggest snow storm that Decatur has seen in years a few weeks ago. We got somewhere around nine inches and school was out for three days. We had an absolute blast playing with friends and sledding down Granny's hill. There were at least fifty people up on the hill and Dad was sore the next day from shoving everyone down. Jackson wasn't too into his snow suit so he spent mose of the time in the make-shift nursery we set up in Gran's house. Caroline LOVED it and even wanted to sled by herself. (I was obviously too busy sledding to take pictures but I snapped a few before Jason came to take us to Granny's house on his mule)

Christmas 2010

I have been waiting to do my Christmas post until I got the pictures that my Dad took Christmas morning of Santa at my house, but I still haven't gotten them so I figured I better go ahead and post something. Christmas was absolutely wonderful but very tiring with a three year-old, a two month old, and a broken foot. We woke to snow which was awesome. Santa really spoiled Caroline this year. At our house she got a bike, a guitar, golf clubs, and lots of surprises. Jackson just got a little since he is so little. The best part of all was that Santa brought a huge swing set for both kids......Caroline's face was priceless! Here are some of the few pictures that were taken....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Juicy and the class of 2029

Jackson has a new nickname...Juicy. I was getting a new boot fitted for the foot that I broke while hall ice skating in my socks with Caroline a few nights before Christmas (lame, I know) and the fitter took one look at my precious baby and said, "Girl, your baby is JUICY!!!" I should never have told my sister, because now the name is stuck. However, it is pretty fitting when you consider his most recent stats:
Birth: 7 pounds, eleven ounces 19.5 inches long

Two Weeks: 8 pounds, four ounces, 20 inches long

Two Months: 13 pounds, three ounces and 23.5 inches long!!!!!
(My sister Ginny also likes to call him "Cheeks" which is pretty fitting as well.)

I have never, ever seen a sweeter or more laid back baby... He really rarely ever cries and he has never cried to where I could not get him to stop immeadiately. He will lay for hours and entertain himself while I get things done. God knew that I needed a chill baby because his big sister is SOOOOOOO high energy!!!!

Jackson got to finally have a playdate with his buddies at our house. We had seven babies total ranging in age from 2 weeks to 22 weeks. We have two more good friends that were missing and a couple more on the way so, needless to say, Decatur has had quite a baby boom lately! I cannot wait to see all of these sweet babies grow up together and I am so thankful for Jackson's sweet friends already!

L to R: Andrew Ward, Kennedy Price, Kitty Ashwander, Jackson, Mills, Towns Worley

L To R: Andrew Ward, Jackson, Kennedy Price, Kitty Ashwander, Mills Peek, Wynn Cole