Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beach Trip Nightmare!

As previously mentioned, Mom, Dad, Caroline, and I recently traveled to Rosemary Beach for one of my childhood friend's wedding. We got down there Friday night and Caroline went to Destin to spend the night with Dan's parents so that we could go to a party for the couple that night. We had fun and Kate and I even managed to drag Mom and Dad out to the Red Bar after the party. Since I do not get to go out much anymore, I was sleeping extremely soundly at 3 a.m. when my in-laws called to say that Caroline was throwing-up repeatedly. They brought her to our condo around three forty-five and she kept vomiting until I finally got her to fall asleep about 5 a.m. We woke up at eight and poor baby was skinny but feeling better. We took her down to the beach and she LOVED it! We tried to take her to the reception that night, but she was cranky and so we left. We then drove home the next day and I started throwing up that night and Caroline started to again. (I changed our sheets twice and Caroline's four times that night!) Anyways, Dan got it too but we are all better now and loving life again. Sorry this blog is kind of gross. I did get some cute pics of Caroline on the beach with her grandmothers!

Happy (late) Birthday Gin Gin!!!

My very sweet niece Virginia turned one on January 7th! She is such a joy and I am a very proud Aunt to both of my nieces. I try to look out for my little Virginia because I know that it is hard to be the second child, but she holds her own pretty well! Ginny had a family party for Virginia (Gin Gin to Caroline) and the birthday girl had a blast! She really loved having her own cake. Caroline and Virginia are 9 weeks apart to the day and they are really loving each other. I hope that they will always be more like sisters than cousins! Happy first birthday Virginia!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life Without a Computer.....

REALLY STINKS!!!! Our computer has not been working for a while now. We have got to get it fixed because I am going insane not having one! I have missed out on so many good blogging opportunities including a beach trip (that was not too good thanks to the stomach bug), my precious niece Virginia's first birthday, and Caroline finally walking. I hope to add some pictures of all when we get the computer back up and running. In the meantime, yes, my late fourteen month old finally walked! She took her first real steps on New Year's Eve (10 to 12 steps) and has been doing that ever since, especially if I bribe her with fruit snacks. But the real breakthrough came yesterday at Target. Ginny and I were trying shoes on the girls and I put Caroline down to make her stand up so I could see how they fit. The second her feet hit the ground, she just took off like no big deal. She walked down the shoe aisle, turned the corner, and then went down the real aisle. She finally bit it when she decided to try to run! What a mess! The funny thing was that the shoes that she had on still had the elastic string holding them together.