Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cheerleading Camp

You attended Decatur High Cheerleading Camp this past week. You were actually supposed to be three to attend but they made an exception for you and your friends (which they might have regretted after your MAJOR "I need Mommy" meltdown the second day). I never thought that a daughter of mine would attend anything cheerleading, but you were so cute and sassy and into it. Daddy did make you go around the house saying "Why am I here, they gonna cheer for me." SO bad.....

Friday, July 9, 2010

Day Four-The Bahamas

Day four in the Bahamas was a very exciting one for us. We spent the morning at the pools and water park and Caroline was extremely impressed to meet the "tall man." Mommy was not so impressed when he reached down and picked her up!
The sea life at our resort was amazing. There were tunnel paths everywhere that were surrounded by aquariums with sharks and the biggest fish I have ever seen. There was a dolphin cay and small pools with different animals like sting rays and our favorite, sea turtles.

We had a special dinner planned that night and we all got dressed up and took about a 45 minute ride to a restaurant that was right on the ocean. They had a table for twenty all set up outside and the views were incredible.(Caroline wanted to wear her halter dress so she could look like the big girls!)

Grant Hill sat at the table right beside us. Ginny cracked me up when he walked in and she told John that Kobe Bryant was there! At least Dan and I were impressed....
We did have to rush through dinner a little because we had a very exciting evening planned.

Taylor Swift was playing a concert at our hotel!!! The kids were beside themselves....

What an awesome end to and awesome trip!!! Thank you Granny!

Day Three- The Bahamas

Day three was the most relaxing day of our vacation. We swam the entire morning at one of the many pools that was near our room. It was the kind that you just wade in to, no steps, so it was perfect for the kids. It was also attached to a lazy river that we rode many, many times.Daddy went to the straw market during Caroline's naptime and came back with purses for both of his girls! He brought me a cute straw clutch and Caroline got this Dora purse which she ADORES!Everyone was on their own for dinner that night and we ended up in the city with the Nails at a place called The Poop Deck. The food was good even though the restaurant name was not! It was right on the marina and we sat outside, the view was beautiful.....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day Two-The Bahamas

We decided to spend our second day at the water park at our resort. This slide was featured on the Amazing Race and sliders reach speeds of 70 mph going down and at the bottom they shoot through a tube with sharks swimming all around them.
Our brave men decided to try it and Dan quickly went from this:
To this: (HAHAHAHHA)

The other brave sliders:
Caroline was so excited to see her Daddy pop out safely:
The group watching Dave come out:

More water park pics:

That night for dinner all twenty of us ventured out to into Nassau to a little conch restaurant.
(It is really hard to get a good group shot with this many people) Since all twenty of us went together it took quite awhile to get our food. Luckily, there was a spot out the back door that was great for pictures so we all ventured out there for a photo shoot. The entire bank was made up of huge conch shells and the sun was setting.The Nail Family:The Pylant Family:
The Peek Family:

The Coulter family:
And one more attempt at the whole group:
During dinner and after, a Bahamian band was playing right outside the restaurant and everyone danced their hearts out....it was magical....

I love this last shot of Granny..she looks so happy watching all of her family have so much fun.......much, much more to come!!!