Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A trip tp ChAtTaNoOgA!

My mom decided that she wanted to take Ginny and I and our girls on a day trip to Chattanooga. We have had a hard couple of weeks with both grandfathers being sick so we were glad to be able to get away for the day. My sweet Granny even got to come with us! We definitely made the two hour trip with my mom driving and Granny in the front, all three car seats across the back seat, and Ginny, me, and a wagon in the way way back! It got a little hairy at times, but I guess that can be expected. When we got the Chattanooga we went straight to the aquarium and looked around. Mary Bibb liked the butterfly room the best and Granny liked the sharks. I didnt see that much because I was too busy chasing my WILD child! When did she get so fast? Caroline would run up to the tank and sign fish and yell "ish" and then take off running in the other direction. Sweet Virginia rode in the wagon and constantly signed fish with that cute, slightly chubby had the entire time. We then ate a nice lunch and went to the children's museum. The kids LOVED it....they could run around and there was so much to do. They even had an area for kids age 4 and under and everything was exactly Caroline and Virginia's size. The babies were exhausted by the end and fell right asleep in the car until we missed our turn on the interstate and had to cut across the median!

The previous pictures include powdered donuts on the car ride, Bibby pulling the wagon...she was sooo excited to be there, and the babies in the butterfly exhibit.
Mammy, Virginia, and Bibby looking at the penguins.
Granny checking out her shark and Bibby in the bubble.
Dr Bibby is in!
Wait...didn't the sign say age four and under??!!?? Caroline looks peeved!
This is scary to think that they will probably be driving each other to school one day! In 14 and 1/2 short years!

What cooking chef Caroline?
Mammy may never take us anywhere again after the ride home (she did not handle it to well), but it sure was fun while we were there!!!! Thanks Mam!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Trip to the ZOO!

So, Dan and I have been wanting to take Caroline to the zoo for awhile. However, I think we might have picked the wrong day! We went this past Tuesday and we knew that it would be crowded because of spring break, we just did not know that it was 1/2 price day too!! It was slam-packed! Here is a picture of Dan and Caroline in the line to get in:It took a while to get in but once we did we really had a good time. Caroline seemed to like the sea lions and the monkeys particularly well, but her very favorite thing of all was a bubble pit in the kids area. least she had fun!

On the way home, after about two minutes:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy (late) Birthday Mammy!!!

My mom celebrated her 50th birthday on February 23rd! It was a milestone event and a very special day. She is such a great Mammy to her three grandaughters and was the first one to the hospital the day that Caroline was born and the last to leave (she spent the night). She is the type of mom/grandmother that I can call at 3 am and she will rush over just because I think that Caroline might have a cough. We love you Mams! Happy 50th!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


These are just some pics of a few things that we have been up to lately. We have had to get creative to come up with exciting things to do on these cold days. One of our new favorite things is playing hide-and-seek. Caroline is always the seeker and Dan and I go and hide. She will look and look until she finds us and right when she does, she points the other direction and says "hide" wanting us to go and hide again. I do not have any pics of this version, but here are a couple of her and her Gin Gin hiding at Granny's house.
Caroline also likes for me to build a tent in the den. She will stay under it forever waiting for her Daddy to get home.
Finally, on the rare warm and sunny days, we love to go to the park with friends!

It is sad how independent she is now, my little baby is growing up!