Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jackson's Baptism

On Sunday, February 26th, we celebrated Jackson's baptism. It was a truly special day for our family as we dedicated our precious boy to God. We were surrounded by beloved family and friends as we pledged to raise him in a way that is pleasing to God and acknowledged that he is a gift and should be brought up accordingly. My grandfather Pop performed the ceremony (he also baptised me and my sisters and infants) and he used water that he brought back many years ago from the Jordan River (the river that Jesus was baptised in). Our sweet pastor Terry assisted and Jackson was so precious. They then used Jackson as a part of children's minute to explain to the children what baptism is all about. After church, family and friends joined us for lunch at my grandaddy's office by the river. The food was great, the weather was so nice, it was just a great day.

Sweet baby was worn out from his big day!
We also celebrated my nephew Mills' baptism a few weeks before Jackson's. It was such and sweet and special day as well............

Jackson was wearing a gown that was my grandmother's when she was a baby.
Jackson, Mills and Kitty

4 Months!

I can hardly believe that my sweet baby is four months old already. Jackson is the sweetest baby that a mother could ask for and I have cherished every second of his little life so far. Caroline is still obsessed with him and she calls him "sweetie." Everyone else still likes to call him Juicy...........
Four Month Stats: 16 pounds 2 ounces (90th) 26 inches (90th)

We started trying baby food after his four month check-up but due to a nasty case of RSV, he is not liking it so much so far...