Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Central Weekday School


You started back to pre-school and Central Weekday School last week. You are loving it!!! You are in Mrs. Donna's class this year and go four days a week. You have already learned so much in the short time you have been back. Here is a pic from your first day and one of your latest writing.

Nine Months!


Now that you are ten months old, I am finally posting your nine month stats! We went to the doctor on August the 3rd and you were 30 inches long (95%) and you weighted 21.2 lbs (50%). Not shots this time so that was great! You continue to be the sweetest, most mild-mannered baby on the planet. I broke my foot six weekes ago and you have been passed all over town and never fretted once. You sleep wherever and are happy with everyone. What a blessing! I have missed carrying you around so bad that I can hardly stand it but I am gettnig the case off soon. You absolutely love bathtime but your absolute favorite thing to do is eat. You have yet to turn up your nose at anything I have ever given you. You consume it all....meat, cheese, casseroles, doesn't matter. You will eat baby food or regular food. You are finally "crawling" even though it is more of an army crawl on your belly. You can get from room to room and your cousin Mills' loves for you to chase him even though he turns around and taunts you!! Your words pretty much consist of da-da, bye bye and ahhhhhh! You love your sister, your cousins, grandparents, great-grandparents, parents, aunts, and pretty much anyone else. You are an amazing baby and I love you so, so much sweet boy!