Saturday, April 26, 2008

Daddy's Girl


I want to blog every once in awhile about all of the people in the world that love you the most and their relationship with you. So, naturally, I had to start with your Daddy. First of all, your Daddy loves you more than he or I even knew that he could. He always says that he had no idea how much he would love you until you were born. The second he saw you he got tears in his eyes and he said that you were the most beautiful girl in the world. He wanted to hold you, rock you, love you, and even change your diaper all of the time. This means something because your Daddy never liked holding babies but he liked holding you!
Here is a picture of the two of you the day you were born.
After we brought you home from the hospital, Daddy would come home from work at least five times a day to see you. He liked to snuggle with you on the couch and watch tv with you. (Or fall asleep!) Your Daddy also loves to baby-sit for you when Mommy is gone. Almost every Saturday and Sunday morning Daddy takes you to Panera to get bagels and coffee so that Mommy can sleep in. He always comes home saying the everyone there said that you were the cutest baby they had ever seen. (He is a little prejudiced)
Daddy also takes you on stroller rides and golf cart rides. He talks constantly about the sports you are going to play and how he is going to coach you. I hope you like sports baby girl, I dont think you are going to have much choice when it comes to playing or not!

Daddy also loves giving you your bath at night. (and you love it too!) He fills the water really high and lets you kick out as much water as you can. After he gets you out of the tub, he rubs you with baby lotion. He calls it "lubing you up". I love listening to him talk to you while he does it. He gives you baths by himself now all the time, but when you were really little I used to help him. Once when you were about 3 months old, Daddy decided to give you a bath by himself to surprise me while I was taking my own bath. He went really really fast so that he could have you all clean and dressed before he got out. He did and I was holding you about 30 minutes later when I noticed that something did not feel quite right. He had forgotten to put a diaper on you!!! We laughed and he said that he just "didnt think about it"!Caroline, your Daddy is so proud of you and loves you so so much. He will always be there for you in whatever you may need and you will always be his little girl.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rolling Over

As of last night, Caroline has mastered rolling over from her back to her front. She rolled from her front to back at seven weeks and has been working hard at going the other way ever since. Well, something has definitely clicked and she is a mad flipping machine. She flips up onto her tummy and then fusses until I roll her back over so that she can do it again and again. She used to lay on her back and play forever so that I could get things done but not anymore. Why did I want her to do this so badly??!! She is so proud of herself though and the look on her face every time she does it is totally worth it.
Watch me Mom, here I go!
Almost there, working hard!
I did it, I did it!
Uh, Oh! Now I am stuck!
( her best seal impression)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beach Trip

Dan and I took Caroline on a family trip to Orange Beach, Al this weekend. We had a blast, the weather was absolutely beautiful! She did great in the car both ways and she liked the pool and the condo. She loved walking on the beach and cracked up when we let her ride on our shoulders. She did not like dipping her toes in the freezing ocean though! She also slept twelve straight hours, 8 pm to 8 am, while we were there so that was REALLY BIG news. My great friend Taylor came down to stay with Caroline and me while Dan went to a Widespread Panic concert. Yes baby, Daddy still loves Widespread Panic. Anyways, Caroline loves her Aunt Tay Tay and we had fun playing with the baby, laying out, and eating out. Overall, it was a great time and we hope to go back soon.

Me, Caroline and her Aunt Tay Tay before a night out!


I decided to start my blog with a post about Caroline's baptism because it was such a a special day and meant so much to Dan and I. She was baptised at First United Methodist Church in Decatur, Al and Dan and I joined the church that day as well. Caroline's great-grandfather officiated and he used water that he brought back from the Jordan river. (Brother Terry helped also) Afterward we had a luncheon at our house with about fifty of our closest family and friends. The food was great and the house was all fixed up thanks to Dan's mom and grandmother. Caroline looked and acted like a little angel. The only mishaps were when Dan's niece Hannah lost a tooth and then really lost it somewhere in the den and all of the kids crawled through the den on a "tooth hunt" and when Caroline's Mammy (my mom) stuck a dandelion in Mary Frances' mouth. She is my 6 year old first cousin. Anyways, it really was a great day and Dan and I like to view Caroline's baptism as our dedication of her to God, acknowledging that she is God's child and not ours, and as our pledge to raise her in a Christian home. We love you baby girl and thank God for you constantly!

Caroline and I the day of her baptism
Dan, Caroline, and Caroline's great-grandmother Maggie
Caroline with her buddy Anna Kate and her cousin Virginia
Papa and his girls


This site is dedicated to my beautiful little girl, Caroline Elizabeth Coulter. I had previouly procrastinated about doing this but I have decided to jump onto the "blogging bandwagon" since my sister finally did. How could I let my baby go without a page when her cousins have one? It was pointed out to me that this would be a great way for me to be able to remember details of Caroline's life since I know I have already forgotten some things and she is only 5 and 1/2 months old. She is so precious to me and I truly hope that I keep this site going and it can be a gift to her one day.