Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Caroline!!!

I can hardly believe it but our sweet, baby girl is FOUR years old!!!! Why does four seem so much older than three?? Caroline had been counting down the days until her fourth birthday for months... She was so excited. She had already had her big bash with her brother the weekend before but we did plan a few fun things to do on her actual birthday weekend. She started out with a small party at school with her friends. Her teacher made her a cute crown and I managed to drag myself up there after having the stomach bug the day before and bring cupcakes (Dan and Jackson both had it the day before I did). She had fun and went to bed Friday night so excited and all set for her big day on Saturday. Sadly, she woke up around midnight throwing up so she spent most of her actual birthday on the couch. It about broke her Mommy's heart but she was ok with it and we recovered to go shopping and eat with friends on Sunday. Caroline, we are so blessed to have been your parents for four incredible years. You are so smart, so funny, so sassy, so cute, so spirited, so loving, such a good big sister, and are just so special to our family. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We had a fabulous Halloween this year. Caroline decided to be Dorothy and she could not have been more into the festivities this year. We made Jackson the lion and he was completely content sucking on a sucker at all times!! On Sunday we went to "trunk or treat" at church and on Monday we went to two different Halloween parties with friends and ended the night trick-or-treating. Pictures from all:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

BiRtHdAy BaSh!!!!

We celebrated Jackson's first birthday and Caroline's fourth birthday with a joint party on October 29th. It was Caroline's idea to do their parties together which was great with me! She was dying to have her party at the skate castle and, I worried that it might be too much of an unorthodox spot for a year-old , but it turned out the be the perfect place! We were blessed to have so many friends and family be able to attend , and there was plenty of entertainment for the kids of all ages. When we got into the car to leave after 2.5 hours of mass choas, Caroline leaned her head back, sighed, and looked at me and said, "Mom, that the bestest birthday party ever." Well worth it!!!

Happy First Birthday Jackson!!!

Our sweet, baby boy is ONE!!!!! On October 26th, Jackson turned one year old. We celebrated both his and my birthday the night before at my mom's, at lunch there again on his actual birthday, and topped it off with birthday dinner at the Coulter's. It was a great day for a great little guy. He is such a joy to be around. He has the sweetest personality of any baby I have ever known but he is VERY rambunctious and into absolutely everything. He crawls super fast and can climb up on most everything, but is still a ways from walking. He is not quite as verbal as Caroline was at his age but he does say dog, ball, da da, uh oh, bye and finally, ma ma. He loves, loves to be outside and really enjoys swinging. Happy, happy birthday Jackson...you make our family complete!!

Petting Zoo

We spent a beautiful fall afternoon at a local petting zoo recently. We rode the pony, picnicked, and petted numerous animals.