Sunday, September 21, 2008

Flo-town Fun

This past Thursday, my mom was in Florence for a real estate conference for a few days so Caroline and I decided to go and see her and stay with her at the new Mariott. When we got there we played in the pool and Caroline loved it because the water gradually got deeper on a small slope so she could crawl all around in it. We then met one of my best friends, Jenna, for dinner at Ricatonni's (so good). Mom knew of a new park by the hotel to take Caroline that has an enormous water and lights display (think Delano's splash pad times 10) and she absolutely had a blast. It was at night and cool but she wanted in that water! There was a college group from UNA hanging out there that night and they all held Caroline and took her to see the water and splash in it. For some reason, Caroline woke up screaming twice during the night but her Mammy would perform an incredible rendition of "Zippedee Doo Dah" that would make her laugh and calm down. Thanks Mammy for a special night!


Oh how Dan, Caroline and I love college football season. Dan loves watching EVERY single game that comes on while I enjoy watching Alabama and having people to socialize with. Caroline loves playing with the other roll tide (and a few auburn) babies and keeping me from actually getting to watch the games. It doesn't hurt that Bama has started out so well! We love it!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rose Petal Cottage

First of all, Congrtulations to Aunt Birdie and our new family member Uncle Dave who were married this past Saturday! More to come about this when we get some pictures back! Anyways, Aunt Biride had bought the girls a rose petal cottage for Christmas. She was going to keep it at her house where thay had could all come an play with it. She had a whole nursery set up with a toy box, toys, a crib, a small toddler's bed, books, and the cottage. However, all of this changed when she got engaged three months ago. The playroom/nursery has been turned into an office and the rose petal cottage has been relocated to our house. Caroline doesn't appreciate it too much yet, but she will. However, Bibby came over today and the two of them had a blast playing in there. First, Bibby announced that she was the chef and Caroline was her assistant and they made me some "pstghetti."
Then Mary Bibb decided that she was the Mommy and that she had "borned" 6 children. First she had twins, William and Wilma.

Then came the rest of the gang. What a sweet little mama!Caroline decided to give William some sugar!!

Beach Babes!

We recently took one final beach trip before the summer was over. Ginny and I drove down early with the girls and Granny and Mom met us the next day. It was so much fun..the weather was amazing and it was not crowded at all because there was a hurricane coming (we left before it got there). The babies were precious....there were lots of sandbars in the ocean that made little pools for the Caroline and Virginia to sit in and play. Caroline really showed her personality and "devilish" side during the trip. She loved pulling Virginia's hair ad thought she was so funny all of the time. Bibby was our big helper and seemed so grown up this trip. Almost all of my pictures were taken inside the condo, pitiful I know, but here are a few.