Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Point Mallard Pics

I forgot to post these pics from Point Mallard Water Park. Mammy took us on our annual visit a couple of weeks ago. So fun!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Kiddie Carnival

Friday night Amy and I decided to take the kids to Athens to a carnival that we had heard about. Just she and I took a one-year old (Caroline), a two-year old (Amy's niece), a three-year old (Mary Bibb), a four-year old (Gray), and a six year old (Mary Bradford). Needless to say, things got a a little WILD from time to time, but we had an absolute blast! We went to Village Pizza for dinner and I snapped this shot on the way inside (I was holding Caroline). After a yummy dinner, we headed to the carnival. It was adorable. They had rides for kids ages 1 to around 8ish only. Everything was tiny and so so cute. Caroline and all of the others had the best time. I would definitely recommend it for parents with small children. (We rode more rides than I have pictures of because my camera died.) We enjoyed the rides and the cotton candy and hope to go back soon!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A FaBuLoUs FoUrTh!!!

We had a great Fourth of July! Caroline seemed to love every second of it. We started the day at the club pool. They had a huge inflatable slide set up and games planned for the kids. Caroline's favorites were... Swimming with Daddy
Jumping off the Diving Board
We enjoyed a picnic lunched topped off with lots of juicy watermelon.Then Caroline looked for coins in the pool and
Won a prize!!.....BUBBLES!We finished up our time at the pool with a water balloon tossThat turned into a water balloon FIGHT!After a long nap, we headed to the Ashwander's for a shrimp boil and party. All of us had a blast. They were sweet enough to even have activites for all of the kids. These included sidewalk chalk
And a corn hole game that Caroline thought was her personal "Hide" (slide)
We played and ate and ended the night with sparklers!

Our sweet baby was such a trooper and hung in with us for one more stop that night.......a wagon ride to a friend's backyard to watch the Point Mallard fireworks show. Such a great day to celebrate such a great country!!!

My Little Ballerina

This past Friday I took Caroline to see her cousin Bibby's recital for Princess Ballerina Camp. Me Me bought Caroline her own Tu-Tu and she wore it to the show. Mary Bibb did awesome....she knew every word and movement to every song. I was a proud aunt. A few pics....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Noteworthy News!

Noteworthy News!!! Caroline's hair is finally long enough for a BOW!!! This is big news for me...lover of pigtails, braids, ponytails, etc. It is a fight to keep it in all day but I am just glad to finally be able to get some bows!

Please notice the potty in the background...yes, it is in the den. Caroline has suddenly taken a HUGE interest in using the potty...she goes a few times a day. Not pushing it yet, but maybe soon! (Her cute outfit was handmade by her great Aunt Ju-JU)