Friday, July 25, 2008

Get Your Ice Cold Lemonade!!!

I had a dream the other night that Mary Bibb and I had a lemonade stand so we decided to make it a reality. Mary Bibb, Lillianna, and I went shopping for all of the supplies and John built a homemade stand. The big girls were adorable and would jump up and down yelling "Stop!" at every car that went by. The three babies played on their quilt and sweated. I think that they made about $25 so it was a very successful day. Afterward, we were on our way to lunch with Granny and MAry Bibb looked up at me and said, "Mo Mo, selling lemonade was really fun." So worth it.........

More "Mac and Cheese" Please!!

What is this Mom?

Tastes pretty good!I think I like it!
I love it, I love it! More please!

Well, Caroline got her first taste of macaroni and cheese last night. It is both mine and Dan's absolute favorite food so we had a feeling that she would like it. It is also important to mention that is was Dan's grandmother's homemade mac and cheese which is amazing. Her liking it was an understatement.....she loved it! She laughed and squealed the entire time she ate cute!

Beach Bums

We took a trip to Destin last week with Dan's parents and we had an absolute blast. They were amazing.....they provided round the clock baby care! His mom got up with Caroline in the morning, brought her to the beach after her nap (I was already there laying out), took us shopping, and his parents kept her so that Dan and I could go out and eat by ourselves every night. It was wonderful! Thanks MeMe and Pappy!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

8 Months Old! are eight months old!! It is so hard to believe. I cannot believe how much you have changed in these past eight months. It is like you are not even a little baby anymore. You used to want to sleep right on my chest every night and now you wont even let me rock you and cuddle you! You are little miss independent and are into everything. You get those little hands on anything close. You will stand and hold on to something for forever. You are also starting to take steps while holding my hands. However, you want nothing to do with crawling and hate being on your tummy.You love to bang on your high chair and on anything that makes sounds. You love to ride the bike and be in the water. You are an awesome eater and the sweetest little girl I could ever imagine. Here are some recent pics:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cycling the Summer Days Away.....

Dan bought me a bike with a seat for Caroline for Mother's Day. She and I both absolutely love it! We ride most everyday and even though Caroline is not the biggest fan of her helmet, she is always so content riding behind Mommy. She loves to pat my back as we ride, which is so sweet. I always point out trees, and trucks, and animals to her and I know one day soon she will be able to point them out herself.

Slumber Party!!

Caroline experienced her first sleepover last Saturday night. Her cousin Mary Bibb came to the spend the night and we had so much fun. We went out to the golf course, played in the rain, ate popsicles and danced the night away on the back porch. Bibby was so sweet, we have been "best buddies" for a long time. Right after Caroline went to bed the power went out for 2 hours so my friend Taylor and I read to Bibby by candlelight. The look on Caroline's face the next morning when she saw that Mary Bibb was still here was PRICELESS. She was so excited. We even made it to church with both girls. Pretty successful night.........Classic expressions
Caroline: Bibby can I please have just one little lick?
Bibby: Help me MO MO!

Mary Bibb took this family picture of us...Caroline and Taylor....cute pose