Friday, February 3, 2012

Christmas 2012

We will keep this short and sweet because Christmas 2012 was not the best one that we have ever had..... Caroline was literally sick the ENTIRE week before. She had 104 degree fever on and off for like 6 days. I think we went to pediatrician three times because what started off as strep turned into a nasty virus. We missed our annual cousin cookie making day, friends coming into town, and Christmas Eve Eve at Granny's house. She cried and would say "Momma, I just cant miss Christmas at Granny's, I really can't!'' then I would cry. She felt a little better and was able to make Christmas Eve night (no church though) at the Coulter's. I was sooooo glad! She then felt good on Christmas Day, which I was so very thankful for, and we had a great one. However, I woke up the day after feeling like a dog and spent FIVE hours at the local clinic to be diagnosed with walking pneumonia......SHEESH!!

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